Maysons Roma Collection

The Roma collection is the perfect way to dress modern bedrooms, providing a stylish attitude that captures the light with itโ€™s smooth surface then reflects it back for a stunning effect. You can indulge in your artistic flare by introducing a fusion of colours into your personal space.

Roma is available in 2 colour options: White Gloss and Light Grey Gloss.
The Roma collection offers a wide range of different wardrobe configurations featuring mirror and shelf options.

Products available:

Item Height Width Depth
2 Drawer Bedside H58cm W47cm D45cm
3 Drawer Bedside H81cm W47cm D45cm
5 Drawer Narrow Chest H128cm W47cm D45cm
3 Drawer Chest H81cm W91cm D45cm
3 Drawer Midi Chest H81cm W59cm D45cm
4 Drawer Chest H104cm W91cm D45cm
4 Drawer Midi Chest H104cm W59cm D45cm
5 Drawer Chest H128cm W91cm D45cm
3 + 2 Drawer Chest H104cm W91cm D45cm
4 + 2 Drawer Chest H128cm W91cm D45cm
4 Drawer Twin Chest H58cm W116cm D45cm
6 Drawer Twin Chest H81cm W116cm D45cm
Single Dressing Table H81cm W102cm D45cm
Single Tall Robe H195cm W39cm D56cm
Single XL Robe H223cm W46cm D56cm
Double Tall Robe H195cm W76cm D56cm
Double XL Robe H223cm W90cm D56cm

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